Understanding How Your Belt Buckles Should Be Worn

This is something useful for all the guys out there. Do not bother about the girls who all have the gall to say that they always know best. Says who? Have you seen how some of the girls dress lately? And who are all the great designers out there who have brought out all those garments that the girls go rushing off to grab, year in and year out? Guys, of course. Guys also have a lot more dress sense that you would have imagined.

So this becomes nothing more of a reminder for all the practically minded men out there who have got a lot more important things on their mind these days. Just one or two subtle alterations are necessary when you shop around for custom designed belt buckles for men. Most men are settled on the full package of just going out there and buying that full package; the entire belt, buckle and all. But have you seen how atrocious some of the guys out there look?

It’s all good and well if you are a honky tonky sort of guy and you want to saddle up for your Friday night gig at your favorite local. By all means, go in for big, wide and round metal buckles to match that really thick belt of yours. And don’t forget your wide brimmed hat as well. When the dust has settled and Monday comes around again, it’s time to sober up for the office again. Go in for square buckles and keep them to a medium size.

Don’t make an overstatement and keep things practical as well as smartly fashionable. Square toed dress shoes, boots as well, go very well with those square buckles of yours.