DIY Jewelry, Let Your Creative Rears Its Head

Birthday party ideas for girls are becoming harder and harder to come up with. Every idea or theme has either been undertaken by a friend in their circle or is so commercialized that it’s bound to have been done by someone in their friends circle. Every parent wants their daughter’s party to be the best of the year and of course, being a mother of two daughters, I am no different.

Keeping inquisitive minds busy for hours at a time can be a daunting thought. There is only so much time you can allocate to outdoor play, cake cutting, eating and video watching. This year I had to come up with something completely out of the ordinary. I explored the internet, asked my daughters a million and one questions, listened to their every conversation and yes, I came up with something that the girls are sure to love.

All girls love jewelry and every one of them has a taste and preference of their own. What better way to spend the day and evening than creating masterpieces that they can actually wear. Yes, purchasing from a local supply shop would cost a small fortune, however, bulk jewelry making supplies work out way cheaper and because it is usually a warehouse, the selection is absolutely incredible. Shiny, glittery, colorful, sterling silver, rose gold, yellow gold, every color you can imagine in a variety of shapes and sizes that is sure to please everyone.

This year my girls are going to have a party fit for princesses and yes, their guests will go home wearing their spoils in the form of jewels created on the day and who knows perhaps you’ll inspire a future jewelry maker that will reach levels further than you can imagine.